Friday, February 05, 2010

Who made me?

(Warning this may be another of my introspective, naval gazing posts)

As a kid I used to listen to my Dad's Bushwhackers Band albums, ....

....I was totally hooked on Redgum, and later the Warumpi Band ....
Here's some Redgum for ya! (With apologies to the band for embedded film... )

(One more boring night in Adelaide! You had to be there!)

(Deleted drivel)

...I liked to listen to Redgum because they challenged and fought against ....(all sorts of crap, You get the drift, I deleted this bit too)

....Their songs were proof that something insidious was happening.... IT STILL IS!

Although I owned most of their original albums, this year I happened across their compilation album 'Against the Grain' while in Geelong. I hadn't listened to them in about 15 years ... (Deleted this too!)
....They were in fact profoundly prophetic. Of course they didn't need to have any supernatural powers to predict what our future would be...

(Still Life is a haunting premonition of how our world has actually become, but as the song suggests maybe "Slowly the Tide will turn")

(Fabulon for a bit of a cynical laugh at consumerism)

..... (Deleted a whole bunch of crap from here too)....
Ooh I'll leave this link it's for a great song by Roger Waters....
.... (Blah blah blah).... all manner of violence via the luxury of distance like watching the Gulf War unfold ‘From Bars three thousand miles away’.

Basically this post was about the band Redgum and how they provided a voice of dissent and how I liked them when I was young and how I still like the music and the guts to speak out... and thats it.