Monday, September 16, 2013

Not Wasted...

Just ordered a cool new CD.
Can even download the lot straight to my mp3 music playing thingie...

here's a sample.

 Awesome deal on some pretty funnnky permaculture, Greenie style music.

Check out the Formidable Vegetable Sound System website.

And what have I been doing? Well I got pretty caught up with the election... Unfortunately I didn't succeed in preventing a disaster of biblical proportions but my conscience is clear when it comes to not turning a blind eye when evil entered the room! Now we'll all have to live with whatever that's going to mean!

Actually there were even a few benefits from the recent election. I took on a contract to deliver political flyers in my neighborhood. (OK you've probably got your own opinions about that.) 
I really enjoyed myself just peddling around on my old bike with coaster brake. Having spent 10 years as a postie, delivering mail while being barked at and chased by dogs is kind of like second nature to me, in fact I found it quite therapeutic (None of the dogs actually got out). After a couple of full days of delivering pamphlets I could feel my legs getting stronger, I didn't have to think about anything except slipping pamphlets into letter boxes while keeping the bike in motion. Cruising the suburbs on a bike, listening to my favorite tunes with nothing important to think about and no one else to please, or serve left, me feeling totally blissed out! Can't wait till the next election so I can do it all again...