Friday, February 16, 2018

An arrow through your chakras

It is time to quit
Approval not necessary
Time to break free
Death to:
The Cult Guru Bulshit People....

They can Suck it.

Shalom, Namaste and good night.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Beauty is

They paint horses
They always paint horses
Always horses
But never donkeys

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Mission Statement

We're already into the new year (2018), actually it's now February so in keeping with the principals of mediocrity I have already made a good start in terms of not aiming too high. ;)

I thought it was time to review the mission statement of this blog and to re-assert my objectives, point out a few details that will assist potential readers who may have stumbled across this blog by accident in search of something of substance or significance. 

I am sorry my friends you have taken a wrong turn. You will find nothing of value here, unless, like me you are a wandering vagabond of poor spirit who recognizes an misguided and poorly informed kinsman. Someone who feels a certain something but then fails to identify or describe it in any suitable way that would inspire or even take the interest of more evolved seekers of truth or beauty. If that's the barren waste you seek then you sell yourself short of a worthy occupation.

If it makes you comfortable to watch another stumble their way through being in half measures then maybe there's something here for you but I doubt it.

What this is?

In spiritual metaphorical terms I would have to say THIS space is essentially a MUD MAP to the City Dump! It's a trail of breadcrumbs on a rainy day. There is a path and a journey, a traveler and a point of departure, the destination is variable, constantly mutating and never arrived at. There's a hoped for resolution to a question and a resigned discomforting awareness that the answer lies just and forever beyond.

Although we sometimes venture into topics of potential interest, rarely will there be enough detail to render the writing informative, this is not an academic pursuit and will cover no frontiers of the imagination nor wit, there will be no inventions of the intellect and barely a sufficient commentary on anything of that like.

 It is an occasional attempt to express or convey some of the moments that caught the slothful authors imagination that lingered long enough to last till the end of the day, or deep in the night, on such days that it was possible to spare an hour or so at the computer attempting to share the experience... 
Abandon all hope those who have read this far! 

Chances are what you were looking for was the very next result in your Google search, please go back and check, enlightenment may be just a click away. You'll find nothing here but shadows on a wall.

God Bless