Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mud will flow

More on the subject of destruction of a popular fresh water system in Darwin.
The battle for the protection of Darwin's environment is bound to continue as politicians declare our country 'Open for business' and commit to developments prior to consideration of environmental impact assessments etc...  

Silt laden water entering the culvert on McMillans Rd

Muddy water mixes with the clear fresh water of Rapid Creek

On the far side of the culvert you can see the contrast of fresh and muddy water

I doubt any consideration has been given for the ecological impact of continual dumping of tons of clay into the creek except the obvious involvement of Gvt Engineers to ensure the channel (our creek) does not become over clogged. (Just thought I'd put this out there... will try to post something creative and interesting soon... or at least some photos of bikes or something...)