Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I listened to the debate about fuel excises in parliament yesterday... What a lot of clap trap! I am now convinced that our political system has no means of producing the action or answers to the energy problems our country will be forced to face in the coming years! I can't believe the argument went on so long about making petty attempts to reduce the cost of petrol!
How bloody irresponsible! So what if the Government takes tax from fuel! In my opinion they should tax it even more!
This should not even be an issue! The cost of fuel is going to go up... We need to find solutions to our energy needs, we need to be investing more in research into alternative fuels, transport systems and bolstering our communities against the inevitable reduction in mobility that is bound to result from the Peak Oil phenomenon. Reducing the cost of fuel will only encourage the delusion that we can go on as we have indefinitely rather than allow us to truly see the situation as it is.
Why continue bleating about the escalating cost of a non renewable resource? We are using the stuff at a ridiculous rate... If the true value of things was known the average worker wouldn't be able to afford it at all!

Once again I am reminded that we live in a Fools Paradise!

ethical bio-fuel
Company vehicle? (Greenies Organic food store)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great story about a 300 year old fruit forest

Geoff Lawton from The Permaculture Research Institute has produced a short video about an awesome fruit forest in Vietnam.

Find the article on

To see human beings being able to find an equilibrium with the environment that allows them to produce the food they need while maintaining a healthy environment is very encouraging. I believe this is not a Utopian concept but possibly a plan for a more sustainable future.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Patch

A fine bamboo construction by Felix and Godfrey
(Down at The Patch the guys are becoming quite handy with the local resources)

Great news. A grant has been awarded to The Patch to help provide training and programs for young people.

There was a planning meeting on Saturday and The Patch organizing committee invited all friends and interested parties to come along and participate. There wasn't a huge response, however the day was quite fruitful and some important issues were covered. It's looking like we a coordinator will be employed which will equate to more days that The Patch can be utilized and further program planning can take place.

Neighborhood watch have expressed an interest in using the large shed on the block for an office and would like to arrange for some clean-up work to be done on the site so that it doesn't appear neglected. This could be a further opportunity to forge firm relationships in the local community.

Planning meeting 1
Kath and Judy sharing the history of The Patch

planning meeting
Kath shares the vision of The Patch and the positive outcomes for the community

planning meeting 2
Brendin and Judy brain storming

Presenting our ideas to council

We need as many supporters as possible to come along for our presentation to the Darwin City Council on Tuesday 13 May at the DCC. Meeting opens 5:00 pm we present our proposal at 5.15.
Please come and show your support. We need council to share our vision for this great community development before they make plans to subdivide the site. If we fail to gain their support we stand to loose this great location and will need to start all over again somewhere else (if a suitable location can be found)