Monday, May 12, 2008

The Patch

A fine bamboo construction by Felix and Godfrey
(Down at The Patch the guys are becoming quite handy with the local resources)

Great news. A grant has been awarded to The Patch to help provide training and programs for young people.

There was a planning meeting on Saturday and The Patch organizing committee invited all friends and interested parties to come along and participate. There wasn't a huge response, however the day was quite fruitful and some important issues were covered. It's looking like we a coordinator will be employed which will equate to more days that The Patch can be utilized and further program planning can take place.

Neighborhood watch have expressed an interest in using the large shed on the block for an office and would like to arrange for some clean-up work to be done on the site so that it doesn't appear neglected. This could be a further opportunity to forge firm relationships in the local community.

Planning meeting 1
Kath and Judy sharing the history of The Patch

planning meeting
Kath shares the vision of The Patch and the positive outcomes for the community

planning meeting 2
Brendin and Judy brain storming

Presenting our ideas to council

We need as many supporters as possible to come along for our presentation to the Darwin City Council on Tuesday 13 May at the DCC. Meeting opens 5:00 pm we present our proposal at 5.15.
Please come and show your support. We need council to share our vision for this great community development before they make plans to subdivide the site. If we fail to gain their support we stand to loose this great location and will need to start all over again somewhere else (if a suitable location can be found)


Theresa said...

Congratulations on all the success! And best of luck that it keeps on coming!

I think it's so cool that you've set up a community garden. So cool.

David J said...

Well my involvement has been fairly limited but I am very keen to help build community involvement at the site and to see the garden plots grow into something much more.

Cookiemouse said...

What a great project. Good luck!

beracahvalley said...

Seems interesting.