Monday, April 28, 2008

Post for post sake

I'm posting a quick blog entry now because it's been nearly two weeks since I've written anything and I hate it when my blog stagnates.

So some things that have happened.

  • 4 year old birthday party
  • Week 2 of new job (Now riding about 20km per day to and from work)
  • Retrieved bike from police station
  • The Patch has received a grant (Congratulations guys, Ladies)
  • The Dry season hit and in one week everything green began to wilt and turn brown
  • ANZAC day dawn service
  • Started reading 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy
  • Visited the Territory Wildlife Park
  • Sat outside in the morning and looked at the moon

Hummer on my tail
A (Dummer) Hummer taking up some road

Couple of Willies Jeeps at Dawn Service

Darwin Art
Some Darwin Street Art... (Sad but true depiction)

Fertilizing the garden
Tank maintenance at Territory Wildlife Park, or Mermaid display

moon 23.04.08
It's the dry and we can see the moon again


Theresa said...

What a great bunch of photos!

Cookiemouse said...

Yes, I agree. Great photos, David.

Groover said...

Commuting 20 k's a day - good on ya! How's the new job going? What are you doing exactly.

David J said...

Hi Groover,
That's 20km per day with semi-seized peddle bearings! (I know I should change them)
I think I am now an office clerk... with a view to doing support work with Yolngu ministers... with a view to assisting with community development. I think the whole affair is a work in progress and my job description will be highly variable depending on future developments etc... It's kind of hard to define. The job is highly dependent on developing language skills and building strong relationships and trust with the people I serve.
(There you go. Clear as mud!)

Groover said...

Community development - so you are helping the Yolngu people with schools, child care, aged care etc?

How are your language skills coming along? Are you speaking any indigenous languages?

David J said...

Not exactly all those things. I don't actually do any of that. The work consists mostly of administration assistance to Yolngu ministers. The Uniting Church is focussed primarily with social justice issues, so discussions about the welfare of the people are likely to happen. I do not know yet what level of involvement the church has on the ground. I think it has more to do will helping Yolngu to be heard by the Balanda world.
My Yolngu matha is going slow. People are very patient with me though.