Sunday, April 06, 2008


This morning I went down to The Patch to water in my tomatoes and re-plant some Pandan plants. It was a lovely morning and I was so happy to be out in the fresh morning air with the Scrub fowl for company and the smell of fresh soil and tomato plants in the air.

When I got home I left my bike out the front of our flat because I'd locked the gate to keep the children in and the thieves out. This morning, however, I was a bit slack didn't go straight around and put the bike away. Instead I left it un-locked for about 3 hours in the drive way... Remembering it was there I sung out to Sam that I was going to bring the bike around the back. When I got to where I'd left it I found nothing. No sign of our beautiful cruiser! Some little mongrel had stolen it!
The bike that is my primary mode of transport and the only way I had to collect my daughter from pre-school! Doesn't that stink? I'm trying to take a positive attitude toward the situation but slide into moments of resentment. The connections for both our We-rider and the Aleycat trailer were both attached! Now both of these will be useless!

stolen bike 2
Cruiser and alleycat: In better days

stolen bike
The Cruiser at The Patch this morning (stolen soon after photo taken)

If you live in Darwin and happen to see our bike somewhere please contact me... Even if we can get the attachments back I would be grateful.
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Cookiemouse said...

That sucks, David. Sorry to hear about your bike. Hope you get some good luck to balance it out.

David J said...

Thanks Cookie... My mind has been jumping around between wanting to bring back public executions for horse thieves and the like and wondering if these kids had decent role models would the do such rotten things?

I really miss our bike and had spent a fair amount of time and effort turning it into what was the perfect transport that I could use to get the groceries, pick-up the kids etc... Lucky I didn't put those mud guards on like I was planning.

Theresa said...

That really, truly sucks. Hopefully you get it back soon!

ian said...

Grrrrrr :-(