Tuesday, July 26, 2011

'The road to my survival'

Stressed... I left work two weeks ago for some Time-Out!
Well a rather intensive week at Dhudupu Galiwin'ku, but sleeping under the stars and surrounded by some pretty special people, followed by a week in the bush with my wife and kids.

Before I left I was feeling crowded but isolated. Agitated by people and desperate for solitude, it's kind of ironic that I would spend the whole two weeks amongst people who, if I try to find the most accurate relational term to describe them, are, My Clan... A week amongst adopted Yolngu family, three days with just my wife and kids and then another three days amongst a strange and varied group of people, with whom I share the most critical of bonds! Amongst my own kind.

Magic happened while I was away... I needed it to! Somehow being on the land with the people of the land and with my own kind, fresh air, a fire, time space, sleep, peace... I am human!
I don't know how long the feeling will last but I know where to find 'The road to my survival'!

There's nothing much on my mind to write about but I thought I'd share a little whimsical excursion my mind took recently.

I've got this friend and lately I've been watching her behavior. I saw her over the weekend and couldn't help wondering if she's insane or maybe she's blessed or something else more obvious to the casual observer..?
This past weekend I have watched her glide about, her attitude was for giving, always inviting the lonely ones, the outsiders the most destitute and desperate... She always seems to be there, Available. Somehow as I watched her the tune of a song started up in my mind... It was 'Duncan' by Paul Simon. Boys are often lost and men can become destitute as Duncan, Broken spirits are revived and confidence returned when Eros visits. There's always a chance an Angel may visit.

With the tune of Duncan on my mind for the past couple of days I had to look it up on Youtube and discovered some more magic. I love to hear Paul Simon sing this song but something special jumped out at me while watching this version!