Tuesday, November 08, 2016


Sometimes I sit and think
Sometimes I sit and pray
Sometimes I just sit and watch
(But mostly I don't sit at all! Mostly I rush around like a frantic machination of expectant fury and distraction)
Sometimes my eyes and my mind are struck by a thing of beauty
Some.... Something... Grand! or Some Thing small.
Creation speaks.

Contemplating world events, Global warming, Earth systems under pressure, fresh water lost!
Spirits ignited into action at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation
The forces piled against truth met with the power of life!
Spirits ignited!

A call to action.

My mind glides across all these issues and conflicting emotions and responsibilities collide within me In my heart there is a constant drum beating! Find the dhukar! Find the right path! Act!

All this is going on as I work and eat and commute to work and try to be present with my family, constant thoughts of What I should do, where I should be??? 
Then, when my mind and spirit were at their most confused, depressed and disillusioned by the sham of politics and all that STUFF!, while riding to work one morning I sensed something large. I stopped and looked up and saw the most unusually tall and completely red Poinciana.

I stopped, got off my bike, I breathed deeply in and let all the air out of my lungs and I said a prayer of thanks. The answers will come.