Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A short walk to Sweetwater

A couple of weeks ago the kids and I joined a couple of other families and hiked from Edith Falls to Sweetwater camp on the Edith River just North of Katherine.

This was my kids first over night hike/camp adventure and I wasn't sure how it would play out.

Kid inspects tent

My philosophy was let the kids have what they want, they can choose the music in the car, food etc... I will even carry most of the gear, just so long as I can get them to go.

Kid in a hammock

Well it paid off, not too early on Saturday morning we were rolling down the Stuart Highway headed for Nitmiluk National Park with a few stops for caffeine along the way.

Just after Adelaide River I glimpsed the figure of a person and some kind of bike leaning against a tree. I couldn't resist my curiosity and doubled back to say hello.
It was then we met with Ms Blandine. A solo Kick biker 'La Trottineus' who is traveling the world in an admirable way. If I get the time I'd like to write more later.


We met up with the others at the Edith Falls campground and spent quite a fun afternoon there, setting up tents, rolling around on the lawn and cooking dinner. 

The 9-12 year olds sorted themselves out pretty quickly and were busy exploring, throwing frisbies and generally soaking up all the fresh air an negative ion magic Leliyen had to offer. 

It was a comfortable night camping there on the perfectly level tent sites covered soft green grass.

Checking the map

Next day we headed out on the trail at about 8:30am

It was a bit of up hill to begin with but everyone was in high spirit and the younger kids were keen to prove their prowess as explorers.

The track to Sweetwater is only about 4.5 km long but we made it last, stopping at water holes along the way and taking a dip. It took us about three hours to reach our destination. When we arrived we discovered that there was very little room for our tents and another group had already taken the best sites.

The Water

Despite the heat and the flies we had a really great time at sweetwater. Swimming was awesome, the kids spent most of the day in the cool fresh sweetwater of Edith River. 

Hiking the trail
Unfortunately we didn't get much sleep that night. Rough uneven ground made things pretty uncomfortable for my team. But the views were worth it. It was a night of a New Moon so in effect there was no moonlight. We were blessed with a cloudless night and a perfect view of the starry night sky! We could see everything! 

At 5am some of us got up to observe the Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower which amounted to a serious of falling stars with quite sustained tails. We also followed the path of a few satellites that were quite easy to see in the moonless sky. 

It was a great trip, the kids grumbled a bit at the end but we all had a pretty good time and made it home safe and sound the following day. A successful first for us. 


Thursday, May 09, 2019

Where is YOUR Head at?

Sometimes we can feel lost, alone, stumbling through a pointless existence, mindlessly dragging ourselves from one unsatisfying situation to the next. 
The sensation of separation from others or even the purpose of our own lives can become overwhelming. It is described as an 'illusion of separation' but the experience can feel very real.

However there are times, special times when intuition, perception, time and space conspire to slap that mistaken thought right out of our silly little monkey minds! 


So the here's the story:

I'm riding home from Palmerston along the McMillans Rd cycle path (ok not really important where) and I'm listening to Bob Dylan singing 'Blowin' in the Wind' and I'm looking straight down at the path in front of me, and just, at the very moment Bob sings the lyrics, "...And how many times can a man turn his head..." And all I can see in front of me is THIS!

(Ammended 16/5/19 due to broken link)

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

And a long stemmed rose...

I recognized this song when watching a DC comics movie.

I have to confess, as with many of Leonard Cohen's songs this female singer, Sigrid, managed to capture the mood beautifully. And the dramatic cinematic music was pretty damned good too.

I'd like to post Sigrid's version here but I reckon best to listen to the original and if you're keen seek out the pimped up cool version yourselves.

Everybody Knows!



Sometimes I stop. Get off my bike and take a good look around. Sometimes I am overwhelmed. 

This thin space, this narrow film of spirit made flesh, wood, earth air This, 'right now' This blessing to be in and of at and about 


This why this how This, presence, this peace, this divine order, this mess A temporary forever, a moment taken, eternity transformed in a hue. Thank You.

 (Amended 16/05/19 broken instagram link)

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

No particular things

Writing just doesn't seem to fit right now
It's been months since my last post...

Thunderstorm approaching

Skink sp. Red sides cheeky fella

Cycle path slick

In that time I've lost friends, some close some friends some I  have felt close to.

Long Bike Long Grass
Camping at Riyala
I haven't known what to post here and still don't. Just thought I'd leave a  couple of photos of the space that exists for the slightest of moments... This fragile convergence of mater and spirit.

Crossed paths with a fellow Xtracyclist on my way from Noonamah
Nightcliff Jetty full tide in a swell