Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our Trip to Broome

If I get some time I'll tell about it....

Until then... Here's some images

stairway moon
Stairway to the moon

beach play
beach scene

Ultralight & bird
Ultra light

The timing of this shot amazed me! Out of the clear blue sky came a bird just as I took this shot of an ultralight over Cable Beach!

Town beach
Town Beach

head stones

Sunset at Cable Beach

Crock on the bank at Geekie

Geekie Gorge

Spinafex by the Chinawall
China Wall - Halls Creek


Ian said...

Great shots; did ya drive over... it's a fantastic drive!

David J said...

Hi Ian,
Yep we drove across in our little 1.3 litre car. Got great economy! Only did the Hwy because the car wouldn't cope with the Gib River Road. The Highway was in great condition and had some of the most incredible views.
What a dream trip!