Friday, August 15, 2008

A FreeRadical

Yesterday afternoon I got home to find a card from the Post Office. My FreeRadical had arrived!
I have finally taken the plunge and purchased an Xtracycle conversion kit.
I have been deliberating over spending the money for about two years since I first heard of the Xtracycle but have decided this is something that must be done!

I could not find a dealer in Darwin, or even Australia for that matter. When I mentioned it to the sales fella at one of my local bike shops, he snuffed at the idea and wasn't interested in them at all. So I searched further afield. I contacted the Xtracycle crew in USA and they suggested I talk to the guys at Southend Cycles in Levin, New Zealand.
Brian and Brenden were really keen to ship the unit to Darwin and had it here within a week of me ordering!

FreeRatical 14.08.08
The conversion kit unpacked

So now I have the hardware, I need to attach it! There are a few issues I am concerned about, such as the frames fitting each other, the long chain and getting the gears working. I will try to give a couple of posts to share these experiences as I progress towards an almost "car(e) free" existence!


SiouxGeonz said...

I don't know about the telephone logistics, but my bike shop guy found Laughter Medicine and the other folks at Xtracycle more than willing to talk him through the assembly issues.
You're going to be so glad you finally got that thing. Today I brought the big box of bagels into the office. "How did you get those here on your bike?" Snork...

Anne Jovi said...

You'll love it - you actually went down the same purchase route as I had to. The guys in NZ are very helpful indeed.

There should be plenty of tips on installation online. There is a bit of hit and miss as not every donor frame is the same - but that's the beauty oif the "X" it flexible in it's use and installation.

Groover said...

I had a look at the website. Looks very interesting. I have never seen anything like this before or heard of it. Would be great if you could explain a little more in one of your future posts how it works?

David J said...

Thanks for your comments.
Hi Groover, it's funny the bike shops here hadn't heard of them either and none of them were the slightest bit interested when I offered to explain. I believe they are all doing such good business lately that they have no time to consider anything new.
(Could be an opportunity to start a grass roots bicycle repair shop.)
I have stalled a bit with the installation as I've misplaced my freewheel gears so I can't connect the chain etc...
I'll post some more about how it all fits together and what it's like to ride once I get started again. I'm really looking forward to getting it on the road.

Sydney Body Art Ride said...

So how much did it cost? I think Cheeky Transport here in Sydney can get them.