Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Basil seeds

I received some correspondence from the University last week... something about my academic profile and results and stuff like that...
I can't say I read the stuff with much enthusiasm since my family life had been taking priority for the past several years and an "Academic Record" has little to do with why I've been enrolling in study anyway! I suppose I can understand their concern and need to have high performance rates from their enrolled students. After all it helps them keep or build a reputation as a good "Education Provider"... But seriously I couldn't give a stuff about all that and frankly I'm more concerned about the pile of mail that has been building up on my desk!
Then, while tending my basil plants and wondering how long it would take me to collect all the materials I would need to sheet mulch the garden... The answer came! I went back inside and ripped up all those threatening letters full of warning, and I ripped them up including the invitation to comment on the quality of education provided by the Institution. Turn it into mulch! I also realized that they'd done me a favor! The envelopes were just what I needed for the basil seeds I wanted to collect.
Wham! Problems solved! I think I'll write the Uni a letter and ask them to send all further correspondence on recycled unbleached paper! I reckon that would be better for the garden. Oh yeh and if I can figure out how much carbon I will be storing in my soil as a result of mulching their guff I will be able to claim carbon credits and charge them for the service!
And to think I wanted them to stop sending me that crap.

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