Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bye bye Festiva hello Xtracycle

The car has gone! Long live the bicycle!

farewell Festiva
(Long bike - short car)

Yesterday we finished up the paperwork needed to transfer ownership of our trusty Festiva to it's new owners. My friend who recently got her driving licence and has been joined in Australia by her two kids, really needed a car (I couldn't convince her that it's better to cycle!) so we gave her ours!

It's been a great little car and was getting good fuel economy, sometimes 550km from a 35 litre tank... (what's that in kms per litre or litres per 100km?) but needed some work and I'm flat out being Mr Dad with two young kids with .0 time for tinkering so the decision was easy. Get rid of the car and get fairdinkum about cycling!

Now I have committed to cycling as often as I possibly can! (I'll have to because the car is no longer an option!) Just in time for the national Ride To Work Day...

As a special gift my friend gave me a really nice Batik shirt! It's funny how things work out because I've always wanted a really nice Batik shirt. I've owned some cheep ones but this one is much nicer and I would never have bought it for myself! (Partly because I'm stingy and partly because I have a no new clothes policy... Protest T-shirts excepted) What a great gift and a great lesson. Don't fear about letting things go. Sometimes you need to pass things on to those who need them. You never know what good things may come your way.

farewell Festiva
(Giving up the car for the trusty Xtracycle long bike)

Have a nice day.


SiouxGeonz said...

:) :) :) :) :)

John Garrish said...

Greetings -- may I post a picture of this Xtracycle on my blog?


Naturally I will attribute and link and so forth...

Thanks in advance!!


David J said...

Hey Xtracyclists Sioux and John.
I know you know what I mean when I say I love my bike.

That'll be fine John... One day I'll have her just right and I hope to post images of all my modifications. They're so much fun to play with.

John Garrish said...
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John Garrish said...

awesome thanks!!