Sunday, May 02, 2010


Last night was the big night of the Nightcliff Seabreeze festival but for my little family there was something more important happening.

A young family who we were only just getting to know were headed back out on the road. Last night was our last chance to say goodbye.
Our friends came to Darwin while traveling the world and found themselves as caretakers at a local Church. They were here for just long enough for us to fall in love with little "M" who became a significant part of our weekend activities and play.
We'll miss them dearly. Watching the kids play together was a highlight of my week!
Introducing the kids to all kinds of fresh grown food, sampling beans, fruit and vegetables from the garden together was an absolute joy! Sharing "J's" amazing sour dough bread, and listening to him play the Mandolin as we sat in the shade while the kids scooped at tadpoles in the bathtub pond has been the greatest pleasure for me over the past few months.
Saturday and Sunday mornings just won't be the same without you guys!

So while half of Darwin was whooping it up down at the Nightcliff foreshore a small group of friends gathered to share some food, play games and enjoy the rhythm of some pretty mean Jembe bangers as we farewell our friends about to begin a new adventure.

(Playing in the parachute)

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