Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brass Music

According to the song by R.E.M 'It's been a bad day'... Well it hasn't actually been a bad day yet... (6:00am) but I've been having a pretty difficult time for the last little while!

Due to family malfunctions I managed to miss out completely on seeing Neil Murray at The Groove! Due to suffering from physical, mental and emotional exhaustion I also managed to miss Jigsaw Collective and The Dukes who just happened to turn up to the Nightcliff Uniting Church Fashion Parade last Friday night also! I heard it was a real BLAST!
But eventually on Sunday Night we headed down to see Jigsaw at Mindil thinking they'd be at the mini amphitheater... we got it wrong...! (there were several performers there on the night all in different locations around the Market)
We went down to see the Jigsaw Collective but caught an amazing Navy Brass Band instead! About half way through my wife said that she'd found Jigsaw but it was too late! We were captivated by the USS Mercy Band! I didn't even think I liked brass Bands before I saw them perform!

Ben gets the Rhythm and de-stresses with some percussion

What a great afternoon!
New Orleans style Jazz was Pumping out of their horns and through the crowd like a wildfire! Finally some music to blast the stress away.

USS Mercy Band at Mindil
USS Mercy Brass Band (Playing some pretty sharp Jazz)

sax on fire!
The Sax solo goes on forever... This guy is on FIRE!

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