Friday, September 17, 2010

Peace of mind

What gives me Peace of Mind?

mechanical delight

This little wind up music box contraption fascinates me! It's simple and beautifully designed, the sound can be amplified simply by putting it on top of a piece of wood or anything else that carries good vibrations. I love watching it click away and hearing it's metallic musical chimes.

Talk Peace

Kids Books... This week they brought home a book called Talk Peace... It's very cool!

Talk Peace by Sam Williams, Illustrated Mique Moriuchi (Illustrator)

Scrub Fowel Egg

Living in an amazing part of the world! Flying foxes crap on my clothes line, there are at least six species of lizards living in my back yard, some of which are DRAGONS, Green Tree Frogs sing when it rains and Orange Footed Scrub Fowl lay eggs in the sand pit at our local playground.

Too many wonderful things to count! I am grateful for them all!

There's a lot of things I could blog about this week but frankly I don't have the emotional energy to even start! It's been a busy funked out week. Bad, Sad things have happened, some wonderful things too. A tragedy, Loss, I've glimpsed beauty and sensed grace and disgust. I've acted properly and I've behaved badly and I'm in a state of shock!


(If it weren't for all the darn beauty!...??? where would we be?)
Blessed are the anglophiles.... They must be good for something!

Peace, Love, Grace, Serenity, Peace, Bliss, Good night.

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