Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rule #62 for Important People....

I wonder what it is that makes some people appear to be more important than others. Specifically those who possess wealth or have power over others. Are they really more important than anyone else? Do we actually believe that they are more important. Or more importantly do They believe Themselves to be more important? If this sense of superiority exists then is it conceivable that someone in this condition might think of others as lesser people? What importance do they then put on other people? Could holding such a high opinion of oneself or others with a suitably high social status create such a sense of self importance as to disqualify them from doing anything of any real importance? Like showing love, care, compassion for others?

I don't know the answer I'm just musing on it....

I recently read about a group, who, way back in the early days of Alcohol treatment and recovery in the US, wanted to create a giant center for alcohol rehabilitation... The group was called the Middleton Group. They were an AA group back in the early days before AA had created the Traditions which have protected the worldwide fellowship from the dangers of engaging in controversial activities. The Middleton Group had whole bunch of big ideas and created a bunch of rules for the operation of their grand new 3 leveled treatment center. There were 61 rules.

So the story goes that the whole thing fell in a heap and the mastermind and leader of the group did some soul searching and came up with one final and most important rule.

Apparently, on a folded card of paper he wrote "Middleton Group #1 Rule #62"
When the card was opened it read "Don't take yourself too damn seriously!"

(The Galaxy Song - Monty Python.... Thanks Greg!)

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