Friday, February 18, 2011


This is a week of broken things...

1,000s of Trees around Darwin

African Mahogany roots


Our old car (crashed last night)

festiva no more


Front sliding door...(came off it's tracks tonight)


The tap I fixed last month... (leaking again)


Washing machine (Blew up with a bang in a cloud of smoke today, causing power outage)

 Broken (Domestic staff currently on strike!)

Snap Deck on my Xtracycle

snap deck

Broken! (and a little bit soggy after the recent rain)

Not sure what it all means but I'm waiting for a sign!


Kevin Murray said...

I'm glad your website avoided the worst of the weather.

David J said...

Ha! Hi Kevin.
Yes that's the glorious wonder of cycber space. Even if my computer was trashed in the storm, what's online can go on unaffected.

ian said...

Wouldn't wait much longer for that sign mate.... I reckon it's about maintenance time :-)

Nothin' ya can't fix it the Lotto numbers come up... all the best

David J said...

Thanks Ian... I did buy one but it didn't work!

The numbers must have been broken too!