Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stop The Intervention! 4 down the track.

Tuesday 21st June...

12:00pm -

Rally against NT National Emergency Response (The Intervention)

Parliament House Darwin NT. 20.06.11

Four years later... what has it achieved?


Combined with our country's treatment of Asylum Seekers, the compulsory acquisition of Aboriginal Land  and reluctance to acknowledge our responsibilities regarding Global Warming and carbon emissions, I'd say the Intervention has guaranteed us a leading position in the race. First world nations proudly marching toward the formation of a brave new Fascist state.

Nothing in the paper today about this rally...
No doubt our media tabloid rag found better things to be looking at....Apparently there were strippers on a Golf Course somewhere.
You know there's something really going on in this town when the media don't show. ;)
Gill Scot-Heron knew it!

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