Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lost in Funk and loving it!

I've just spent 3 hours searching the web for information about Sailing Canoes and submerging myself in Chili Pepper Funk!

I don't know if I want to cry or scream!
My eyes are stinging and the lids are sagging but I'm trapped in a frustrating fact!
All Talk and No Action!
I've gotta sweat out this caffeine so I can sleep and dream.

When we could fly
(Ready to take flight, what's holding me back?)

I'm full of inspiration and powerful compulsions but No talent! There is nothing forthcoming! My heart races with the tunes the beat and I've got nothing to make, no words no art. I am Slumping!

Lonely black bird
(Maybe some space to think?)

Chill..... Listen to the FUNK... (I was never really into Funk... but it's having a strange effect on me... I am beginning to realize it's therapeutic powers...!) RELAX...
If there's nothing there, so be it! I am.

Brighten up
(Today I enjoyed what is and left the rest!)

Maybe I'll listen to more Funk and see what happens?

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