Sunday, October 09, 2011

How to fly

Last night my daughter had a flying dream. She seriously wanted to know if she's ever flown before because she thinks she can remember it...
Then she asked earnestly.
Dad... do birds fly from here (Tapping her head) or from here (with her hand on her chest). How profound!
I think she got the idea from a movie or something but it prompted a very serious question. How are we motivated? What is the cause for our striving? What elevates us to the greatest heights? The brain or the Heart?
She said when she flew in her dream it came from her heart.
My lack of originality and creativity is always trumped by simple and honest wonder of children. They are truly and purely Artists!

(Captain Flinn with his parrot, spider and boat)


Anonymous said...

at a loss for words, really, but what a beautiful post. Thanks for that!

David J said...

Captain Flinn is from a book about pirate dinosaurs. PIRATE DINOSAURS! If you see us wearing bandanas on our heads you'll know why!