Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Come On!

Kids get stuck in buckets! 
The boy is unstoppable! 
"Don't sit in that bucket boy! .... Listen to me I know!"
His favorite line... "Oh COME ON!" So despite my advise, he sits in the bucket... and... Ha! He gets stuck!

We spent most of the day together today, just hanging out, doing our favorite stuff. Amongst a bunch of other stuff, me scrounging at the tip shop and the boy scamming lollies from the receptionist at my work. 

I finally finished putting the Cargo bike together, (mostly) and we did some miles together in her, me peddling, the boy jumping around like a crazy monkey on a stick! Singing, laughing teasing joking. The kid cracks me up! Later in the day I loaded the cart up with three kids and we went riding in the rain with the roof on, our outfit looked just like a wagon from an old John Wayne movie. The kids ran amok in the cart, laughing and goofing around, screaming when we hit a bump and sticking their heads out and waving at people as we bounced along the bicycle path. It's about a 6 km ride to Rapid Creek where we dropped our temporary charge back to her folks. We then rode the Nightcliff foreshore path all the way around to Nightcliff and then branched off to the Mulch pit for a bit of gardening and to take a couple more kids for a short joyride in the cart.
As the sky began to darken we headed back home. Mission accomplished. The Cargo bike handled the load, three kids, easily but most importantly, they enjoyed riding in it.

Oh yeh and the boy surprised me somewhat this afternoon. His sister likes fairly heavy rock music but he seems to have finer taste. Well we spent a little bit of time in the car today and when I put on my new Chili Pepers album I was expecting to hear the standard "Oh COME ON!", which in this context would mean get this crap off and play the music I like, but it never came! I looked over my shoulder and there he was nodding his head to the music! He likes the Chili Pepers! His Mum is gunna kill me! I started tapping and bopping away... then from the back of the car I hear. "Arrrgh.... OH COME ON!".
"What?" I ask, (maybe he's changed his mind and doesn't like the music)
"Stop dancing that's MY MUSIC!"
 How do you like that! Only a few hours previously I'd rescued him from a bucket and here he is telling me I can't even groove to my music in the car!


Topend54 said...

David this is really goodv- the writing is interesting - the humor is real as is the life as you tell it - thanks
Helen H

David J said...

HI Helen,
Great to hear from you again. Thanks for your comments. Sorry about delays in comments appearing. I have comment moderation on my blog so I can filter out advertizing crap that is sometimes submitted.
Happy New Year to you and the big fella.

Gillo said...

Hi David! Having a restless one again. Hope it's not full moon already.
Thoroughly enjoyed your cargo bike tale. A**, who wishes to remain anonymous from now on,had an absolute ball and would relish the idea of taking another trek in it. Perhaps you could make a living from giving the neighbourhood kids a joyride. I'm sure there parents would pay handsomely for the relief. G

David J said...

Ha! I think they all had a ball riding along in that cart! It was even more fun when it began to rain and they were all cozy and dry inside. It's been a huge hit with the kids Ms A is quite welcome to come along for a ride any time.

Gillo said...

Just read "Come On!" What a cracker. What fantastic treatment on that pic of Mr K. Love it! Keep it coming. G