Saturday, March 17, 2012


I've had a GUTFULLl!

Ego driven, Progressive Spiritual porn.
Superficial 'community connectivity...' Crap!
  Talk, Jargon, gossip!
Trading in words, starved of deeds,
TALK, Chatter, pretentious fulfillment of self... but the others....?
Social networkings, personal elevators to fame....
 farther than your footsteps, louder than your own voice...
Doors thrown open to snake oil peddlers,
 Sham mongers line up!
 you have arrived!
Flatterers and shit talkers, welcome!
  self appointed, gurus come gather ye here...
This wholesome space is here for you...
  Make the right sounds and join the chorus...
Ride on over on your bike and taste the crap... we serve it steaming!

We'll Re-Brand all your favorite feelings and sell em back.

No apologies for the scrambled eggs!

Crazy life in a plane. Hop on in one world... Hop off in another!

I am struggling to find authenticity in my life and The World around me. Over the past few years I've been engaged in various community activities, events, happenings and groups. I have attempted participate and failed dismally. The more I search the closer I get to meaningless... and it seems like the volume is increasing. My own attempts at original thought have only resulted in crude mimicry or replication of the shadows of ideas I've heard or seen. I have deserted various 'societies' afraid that I might vomit if I have to hear myself mutter their jargon one more time... "GOD grant me the serenity!" The bondage of self is no fun! I can't bear to watch others go there too! Get me on that plane and don't let me off untill it reaches the moon!

I've chucked Bob Dylan on the computer music player... The songs I'm hearing don't match the play list! But the tunes are good! I'm on the right tracks. To Hell with the script! The commentary really is not relevant!

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