Monday, April 25, 2016


Since my last post I have traveled to Victoria again where lost my new phone with the awesome camera. I returned home to discover my just out of warranty computer had died, realized that the fridge is on it's last legs (puddles of water appear on our floor every morning) and after three days at home traveled to Ramingining where I misplaced some important work documents...

Oh yeh and my favorite piece of urban bushland has been bulldozed to so that the good people of Darwin can enjoy a new indoor trampoline leisure centre!

Having just read Bukowski's 'Ham in Rye', I figured that's just the way she goes sometimes.

I usually find peace on my bicycle, but lately I haven't been able to make time to go for any  decent rides. However the Wednesday morning kayak jaunts are a pretty great way to escape the humdrum and sometimes the atmosphere is divine. Last week as we launched, a large black cloud mass rolled across the sky toward us. As the storm approached the wind picked up and pushed us in exactly the direction we wanted to go. It was awesome! If I'd had a decent camera I reckon I could have taken some amazing photos of the illuminated kayaks in the foreground encompassed by a black mass of whirling, converging high pressure, low pressure, moisture friction air and electricity.

Unfortunately the photo above is a low quality duplicate of a low quality photo I copied from my facebook page.... The original is on the broken computer.

Eh.... what do you want for 50 cents?


Chandra@GreenComotion said...

Beautiful photo, David!
It is of the best quality because it represents your happy times - who gives a left foot about the pixels, eh?
Hope the appliances and the computer problems resolve as The Universe has planned mate!
Take care and Have a Happy Week ahead!!
Peace :)

David J said...

Spot on Chandra! I agree totally. A beautifully composed photo taken with good equipment can be quite stunning and impressive, and of course part of me would really like to produce such great images (Or press the button while the device takes the picture), but actually I really think this blog, and the blogs I prefer to read are less polished. The blogs I like to read are like low res, glimpses of life through the eyes of others. Clumsy wording, random photos, thoughts musings and rants… Personal and flawed but with something of that spark which keeps our hearts pumping! I always enjoy looking at your river, the paths you walk with your dog, the fences and of course the bikes! Since other forms of social media have taken up so much of people’s attention, I’m glad there’s still a few blogger left who bother to share more creatively, their experiences.

Kevin Murray said...

I have a HTC One phone that has a good camera. I can send you it if you are still looking for a replacement.

David J said...

Kevin: Firstly thanks for reading my blog.
Secondly: Thanks for the very generous offer!
Fortunately I've got another camera/phone and I'm just going to have to live with the slightly inferior image quality. Actually slightly out of focus, low res is more true my life experience than the exceptional clarity of that other camera. ;)
Although my head is often in the clouds I must try to keep my feet on the ground.
Good upon you.