Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blogging for what?

If anyone checks in on this blog from time to time, I'm sorry to say I've fallen behind in the game of life and have had no inclination to be journaling the finer details of my absurd existence... Yet... here I am wanting feeling like I should post something, it's been a month since I last wrote anything and July could easily pass without me entering a single detail. I have trouble recounting events in order, or even recalling the details of most days, but I usually take a few photos, which are good for jogging my memory. I won't write much, I'm still not interested... As I wandered through the local St Vinnies oppshop I noticed the attendant taking pity on me. I admit I looked pretty shabby. As I drove home I looked in the car's rear view mirror and the phrase which probably defines me came to mind... "You look like nobody owns you". No this is not a declaration of my freedom from conformity or defiance of institutions of rules... Those words have been said to me on many occasions, usually by older ladies who appear to be concerned for my welfare in some way and they are said with pity. The meaning being. "You look as though you have nowhere to live and nobody to look after you." (ergo. You look like shit and you can't even take care of yourself, isn't there anyone who cares enough to feed, dress and groom you?.... You need a carer) Here's the photos.

Kayaking in Darwin (HMAS Darwin at 1 0'clock)

Approaching Warruwi Goulburn Island

Centenary celebrations at Warruwi Goulburn Island
Developing the north (in all the wrong ways)

Last of this season's Rosella's stewed in a pot

Jasper the budgie chick, a friendly fellow

4 comments: said...

Hi, Dave, I actually do read your posts (I subscribe to the feed) but I get them in my e-mail inbox, and so never leave comments. I'm sorry if I've let you down. I should be commenting, and letting you know that your posts do get read, that I think about them, and tell the hairy man about them, and we talk about Darwin, enjoy your angle on the city, wonder about that I've got internet right on the boat, I'll make sure to "head on over" to your blog when you post something (no pressure, of course, just sayin')and let you know if I think it's baloney. ;)

I don't really know what you're grappling with, of course, but as serious as it sounds, I know you have the strength of character to work your way through it, and come out the other side. This too will pass, as they say, though it might take some time. You'll be okay.

AS for the blog, as it isn't a major income generator for you (nor is mine, for me!) why feel the duty or responsibility for it? It's your personal blog, it should serve your needs and not the other way around. Do what you like! Abandon it for months on end (the way I do!) then come back to it when you miss it and want it. A blog of just photos is fine, too, sometimes there is no call to write or be "meaningful". I tell myself the same things whenever I find myself feeling guilty or stressed out that I haven't posted in weeks or months. But it's not a baby or a pet, it won't DIE if you don't 'feed' it! And if, like me, you're not getting a cent from doing it, you can afford to be careless and casual with it.

I wrote this comment, somewhat differently, already, but Blogger erased it when I did the "prove you're not a robot" thing. heh heh, the way I swore should've been proof enough.

I was surprised by the term "nobody owns you"...I have never heard it before, except in Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. Who on earth wants to be owned by anyone else?

You're principled and compassionate and intelligent, Dave, and you will always be your own best 'owner'. Carpe the fucking diem!

David J said...

Thanks Nat, It's been great reading about all your amazing journeys. (Kris has already warned me that he is Not and adventurer)
It's windy as hell here in Darwin, cold too, for the moment.

All good here really, just come through a week of head cold, with flue like headaches and temp, when I finally get outside amongst people after being sick it often takes a little while to process social interactions. I always liked that weird phrase "You look like nobody owns you". It's like the way shoremen look at the sailor or the vagabond is regarded by respectable townsfolk. A reminder of being in some way an outsider. It only appeared in my mind when I spoke to the lady, she did not say it, but when I looked at myself it's what I heard. (A harmless introspection, with the advantage illness can give by detaching one's self from their usual narcissistic inclinations... i.e. I was so foggy headed that when I didn't really know who I was looking at in the mirror, and the guy looked dishevelled.
With the Blog, writing and all that, I've become quite lazy and would really like myself to put in more effort with things which are in some way creative or at least challenge me to gather my thoughts.
I receive your comment as a welcome kick in the arse! If there's any hint of dodgy content in my ramblings I'd be disappointed if you didn't bring it to my attention.
Thanks for the attention and praise. Damnit!

Chandra@GreenComotion said...

Keep writing, as often as you wish, David.
You do have a secret following :)
The Budgie is cute!
Peace :)

David J said...

Hey thanks Chandra. Yeh one day I'll do that. Yeh those budgies are cute. We'll have to pass him on to a friend with an aviary. we have another which has a crooked back and a deformed leg, he can't fly. I think he'll become the family pet if he survives. He's a battler.