Thursday, December 07, 2017

Tubeless Tyres

Just a quick note.

In September I went to Singapore.
There were lots of interesting things but what caught my eye in particular was the fact that tubeless bicycle tyres are already in common use!

Based on the media I've seen about them I thought they were a concept that was being developed. It turns out that Western media sources are way behind the 8 ball.


GreenComotion said...

On things that are not sensational, the media is often behind, David :)
I like this idea of tubeless tires for bicycles.
Did you get one by chance?
Have a Happy Weekend!!
Peace :)

David J said...

Nah I didn't manage to get one. I'd say they're pretty handy for low speed city or bike path riding. Not sure they'd hold up to rough terrain. I never got to try one, needed to have the app and pay a subscription to borrow a bike. Maybe next time.

Burak Candan said...

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