Friday, May 26, 2006

Bear stories

This week we watched two movies about bears and conservation. The first 'Spirit Bear' was a great Canadian film that gave a dramatized version of how a Canadian teenager, Simon Jackson, fought logging companies to protect the habitat of a genetically rare subspecies of black bear. An inspirational story about conservation, and this young guys efforts to protect something truly valuable in the world.

The second film 'Grizzly Man' we watched last night. This film was intense! It plunged us full force into the world of Timothy Treadwell. A man who rejected human society and spent 13 years visiting and living in the wilds of Alaska where he filmed and tried to bond with wild bears. This is an amazing story! I can't begin to discribe this film or how it made me feel except to say that it was intense and that in some way I could relate to the guy even though (or maybe because) he was obviously disturbed.
Venting everything that consumed him on film, his love and his anger, his anxiety, rage and fears, his narcism and his delusions, his dream. I'd love to go on about this film but maybe you should just see it yourself. The filmmaker does such a great job of telling this story that nothing more really needs to be said.

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