Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Birds Nesting in our yard

Either a White-gaped or Brown Honeyeater eggs

Either a White-gaped or Brown Honeyeater Nest
(will confirm when I get a good look at the Bird)

One thing I love about living in Darwin is the amount of wildlife that can be found in the suburbs. I live in a unit with a small yard but even there I have found several species of lizards including skinks, dragons and geckos. I have even found a tiny blind snake that was living in a termite mound in the back yard. There are a huge variety of birds and sometimes they nest in the trees around our unit. So far we have noticed Double-barred Finches, Bar-shouldered Doves, White-gaped Honeyeaters and Rufus Banded Honeyeaters nesting in our trees. This has always been a one of the greatest attractions of living in Darwin in comparrison to living in Melbourne where I was more likely to see Starlings, Sparrows and Indian Mynas! I try to imagine what my home in Melbourne would have been like before it was invaded by ferral species. My Dad tells me there used to be Blue Wrens at one time, but that was a long time ago.
When I lived in Melbourne I used to visit the zoo and loved to seen the Curlews, I dreamt of one day seeing one in the wild. In Darwin they actualy call from the park across the road and sometimes nest right outside the window at work! What a blessing to live in such an amazing place!

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