Monday, March 26, 2007

Where have all my photos gone?

Well after less than a year of using flickr, and having most definitely skimmed over the fine print in the license agreement, I have discovered there is a quota for how many images you can post to flickr before they limit your account. The quota is 200 photos. I have reached that limit! I am not sure what all the repercussions are but one is: every time I upload a new photo an older one will become invisible from my photo stream maintaining a limit of 200 photos.

I have just looked through my flickr collection and it appears to me that, although it's been an interesting project nobody bloody well looks at my photos anyway! What's the point posting photos to the world wide web when the only people who are even remotely interested are yourself and if you're lucky at least one family member! I think my mum reads my blog posts and must occasionally click on an image, maybe only because her eyesight isn't what it used to be. (sorry mum)

So the question has to be asked, should I continue or call a halt to the whole time consuming project, of course that is a rhetorical question, not because it is not meant to be answered or that it can't be answered but because there appears to be nobody out there to answer it! I must declare just because a fellow posts his deepest personal thoughts (then censors or deletes them) on the internet doesn't mean that he has given up his privacy. You see it's kind of like the old question about the tree falling in the forest when there's nobody around. Does anybody really know I really existed at all? Well of course they do I have a life outside of cyberspace you know. And the answer is YES. I will continue. Why? I don't quite know but I sometimes get a laugh out of it. Even if it is 'a lot' egocentric!

If blogging is an egocentric act (I believe it must be) and no one else reads it, is that ego deflation? I don't know. Maybe if I could accept this all without complaint or even a twinge of self pity it would be a good exercise in humility. Of course then I'd have to delete this entire post and I have not written all this stuff just to discard it into the ether, although, in a sense, that is exactly what I am doing when I post it. I will continue. If only I could think of another good Zoolander quote right now!

good bye...


KDSM said...

Well, Balandas are a rare lot, it seems. Please keep it coming. Your posts are a precious reminder for those of us down in the Eurocentric south that Australia isn't just one big air-conditioned suburb.

Ian said...

FWIW I'm a long time lurker; I check in on your blog nearly every day. It's interesting and informative but I have nothing to add and so haven't commented before. I've viewed most of your photos... on the site as well as on Flikr; long as ya got the urge, carry on... we're out here :-))


David J said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments. I am renewed and will put this bout of self doubt behind me. Of course the internal debate between humility and ego will continue as it must.


Murray said...

You missed one really good reason for uploading your photos to the web. Off-site backup. If something happens to your computers harddrive (sooner or later something will) your photos are safe. And in the meantime you can access them anywhere.