Monday, November 19, 2007

International day of action

Saturday 17th November was declared International day of action on the Federal Intervention into Indigenous communities.
At Raintree Park on Saturday a rather small group of citizens gathered to hear testimony of how the intervention is already affecting Indigenous Australians and interfering with their day to day living. The speakers were some of the best I've heard and the message was quite clear and personal to the speakers themselves. Speculation about the possible impacts of this intervention is no longer an academic pursuit. People are having to deal with the real problems of having their welfare payments quarantined and having to report exactly where they will spend their money! (Oh when I say people I mean Aboriginal people. Apparently Non-indigenous recipients of welfare will not be affected!) The double standards are amazing! While Indigenous people are being virtually banned from drinking alcohol or possessing adult movies with an X rating a glance at the front page of our Sunday Territorian would suggest that Beer is better for your health than water! (So long as your not a Blackfella!)

"Beam me up Scottie," this place is LOCO! If all these mixed messages are sending me off the beam I wonder how Indigenous people living in the NT are feeling. Their lives are constantly affected by arbitrary discrimination!

I'm out of blogging time now but thought I'd add a link to further commentary on this subject. See link below.

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