Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tracking 'The Intervention'

The Federal Government's intervention into Aboriginal communities is well under way now and people have begun to experience life under the new conditions in their communities.
Last night on the ABC program 4 Corners aired a special report by journalist Matthew Carney which looked into what effects these changes have brought about. What progress has 'The Intervention' made towards improving conditions and ensuring protection for children against abuse in their communities?

The ABC 4 Corners website has a full web page devoted to the program including podcasts, supporting documents and previous stories related to this topic.
See the link below to download and watch any of these programs.

**Tracking the Intervention**
(Mathew Carney ABC 4 Corners 5.11.07)

The report was very well put together and addressed many of the issues that have come about as a result of The Intervention. After showing various communities and seeing how aspects of The Intervention had affected them, the reporter raised an important question. Which was essentially this: In such a large country with a broad spectrum of established communities each with their own issues, how will a one size fits all approach be able to address the needs of all?

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