Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Busy weekend

This weekend was quite busy and full of cool things to do. I thought I'd post a few words and photos before they slip entirely from my memory.
Since last year when I encouraged my wife (who is a Christian) to become involved with a local Uniting Church I have also found myself becoming more open to the idea of Christianity. I have actually engaged in a course of Faith Formation (just to look into the idea a little further). Through our connection with the rather enlightened group of people at this particular Church we have both found a community of people who we can share our time and thoughts with. For the first time in my life, I actually feel that I can accept this religion for myself.

Faith Formation
On Thursday night we had faith formation which, for me, is turning into quite a nice evening of discussion and practical

I've already forgotten what happened on Friday... er... Nope... still can't remember!

Jingli Organic Gardening
On Saturday afternoon I took the kids down to the Jingli organic garden plots for the annual general meeting and met with some of the gardeners there. The Jingli Garden is a cool place and the gardeners are very committed to organic gardening. The plots looked beautifully cared for and there were vegetables of all kinds popping up everywhere. We had some good discussion on the growing desire to create a network of garden plots throughout the Darwin Suburbs and some good connections were made.

garden plots @ Jingli
Jingli Garden plots

garden plots @ Jingli
More Jingli garden plots

Canopy at The Patch
The Patch


Sunday was the World Environment Day Expo but also the day for Kate, the minister at our Church, to hand back her responsibilities before moving on to another community.
I arranged to meet with a neighbor and his sons and we rode our bikes to Church. It was a fantastic morning for a ride but I keep forgetting that I ride 20km a day and some people don't... (I'm sure the pace was more amenable after I moved to the back of the group.) I even loaded up the old trailer I got from the tip shop and brought a 'Loaner' bike, which is now being used by one of the ladies.
The service focussed on our connection with indigenous communities and there was a strong sense of connection to the mission of our particular community in relation to Reconciliation. Words were spoken about Kate leaving and then it was time for communion. As a rule I have never taken communion. Not being a Christian I have always felt it would be wrong for me to do this. However this Sunday for some reason, I did... After Kate announced the communion. I ate the bread and took the cup (grape juice). Thanks to the way it was offered I felt completely natural sharing in this special meal. Quite a moment for me.

Bikes and trailer
Have wheels will haul

Environment Expo
It was such a busy morning at the Church that I didn't get to the Environment Day Expo until about 3:00 pm! It was very quiet down there and there was still 2 hours to go! The turn out was very disappointing! I congratulate all those volunteers for turning up and making the huge effort it takes to keep our environmental organizations running... But where were the People? Surely environmental issues should be at the top of our concerns right now? What is going on in this country? I had some interesting conversations, paid all my memberships and subscriptions some of them quite overdue. Heard just a little of Shellie Morris, then peddled home for the Toad Bust I'd organized.

Toad bust
At 6:30 a small mob from the NUC boys group and some Friends of The Patch came down to the Leanyer Depot for a Toad Bust! We had a fun night but only caught 2 toads. (Good news really). The kids had fun running around with torches and we discovered a few native frogs which was quite a treat. When the hunt was over we all returned to the undercover area and had pancakes. After botching a few up I left the cooking to the experts and the boys had a great time!

Exhausted I returned home happy and fulfilled... That is the way to spend a weekend!

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Cookiemouse said...

Today we celebrated mass in a circle in the Old Lutheran Church. It was a very moving experience. The power of the circle seemed to have a healing effect on everyone present.