Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trevor and the mountains of trash

Most people who live in Darwin would have heard of or seen Trev by now. If they haven't seen him on the street they would certainly have seen signs of his presence. The piles of trash on the curbsides of Darwin streets are examples of his work.

Trev and a bit of urban sculpture. (How many green cans are enough?)

I first met Trev about a year and a half ago on my way home from Palmerston. (about a 20 km ride) It was getting close to dusk when I saw some bloke dragging junk out of the long grass beside the bicycle path. It was the middle of the wet season or maybe the build up and it was really hot! He was black with grime and didn't seem to have any water with him; he looked totally exhausted, so I stopped and offered him a drink. We had a chat and I soon discovered I had accidentally bumped into an amazing character. I got home kind of late that night.

We've had quite a few discussions since then and when I stop to chat I often find myself getting home later than I should. I think I've mentioned in a previous post, that Trev picks up rubbish along our roads and has become well known for his service to the community.

I don't know how so much stuff can accumulate on our streets in such a short time but I'd say it has something to do with the fact that Territorians seem to have no qualms about dropping their rubbish in the street or from their car windows. (A child of the Keep Australia Beautiful campaign in the 70s /80s I find this astounding)

:) :) :) :) :) :) That's what I'm talking about.... (: (: (: (: (: (:

Hmm Vanderlyn Drive on a Sunday afternoon?

Come on guys even ABBA say KEEP Australia Beautiful!

What stood out to me when I happened across him today was the amount of beer cans he had managed to pick up in one place. There was a mountain of them!

Wondering about the connection between empty cans and damaged people

This afternoon I stopped to thank Trev for finding my thong... It's a long story but basically I dropped a thong from my bike while on the way to work last week. It could have been anywhere but as Trev does such a great job picking up all the stuff from the street I actually found it atop a one of his piles on a median strip right outside my car door while I waited for a set of traffic lights to change! I couldn't believe my luck. I'd found the other one on a footpath about a kilometer away just a couple of days before but had given up on ever finding the second one.
So once again I have to say Good on you Trev! You're a champion!

Is it time for Territorians to start to DO THE RIGHT THING?

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