Sunday, July 27, 2008

Surviving Peak Oil and thriving

On Wednesday night the Darwin Food Care Group hosted a film night at The Grove. We watched a film called 'The Power of Community'
The topic was Peak Oil and the steps taken by the Cuban people to adapt to an energy crisis that we shall all soon face.

Below is a review of the evening. I hope some the interest shown on the night will translate into more people actually growing their own food locally. Maybe even come down to The Patch in Leanyer and consider starting their own garden plots.


Unaffordable oil . . . .

A hundred and fifty people packed into The Groove Café in Nightlciff on Wednesday night to watch the film-

“The Power of Community -

How Cuba Survived Peak Oil’

Afterwards the audience engaged in open discussion about the rising costs of fuel and food in Darwin and considered ways in which we may have to adapt our lifestyles to cope.

Amongst the group there was a feeling of urgency, a feeling that we needed to start preparing ourselves for the repercussions of unaffordable oil.

As one person from the audience mentioned, “food security has nothing to do with carrots running around with guns”.

Leigh Spicer, the coordinator of the nonprofit group FoodCare NT added, “The issue of food security in our rapidly changing world is a serious one, why isn’t everybody talking about this?”

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