Monday, July 28, 2008

Sydney Body Art Ride: Effective Speed

I was just reading this story on The Sydney Body Art Ride Blog and thought it was worth posting a link.

Sydney Body Art Ride: Effective Speed

Due to the fact that I've never really been committed to a career or too concerned about status, I am one of those people who works simply to bring in the money needed to sustain a reasonably comfortable life. My thinking has always been that if I reduce my needs then I can life happily on less.
I've spent some time adding up the associated costs of running a car because I've occasionally been short on funds and I hate spending money unnecessarily. Eliminating cars from my life can give me the freedom of less financial commitments. (Having said this we have just committed to a new/secondhand family car...) The true cost of which I have not calculated but having just read the article above I am feeling the pinch!

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