Monday, October 27, 2008

The Aleoca folding bike

Well my bicycle fetish has landed me with another bike... This one is incredibly practical. It's a folding bike made by a (NOT Italian) company called Aleoca. You can fold it up and stash it away when getting on a buss or when you get to work. It fits easily into the boot of our small ford festiva and best of all it's a dream to ride!

folding bike
Aleoca folding bike

I happened across the bike while riding past a certain chain store that specializes in selling second hand stuff. I wouldn't normally shop there but this bike really caught my eye! (Probably the metallic paint)

It went together quite easily and was incredibly comfortable and easy to ride when I test rode it. Having bought it I had to subject it to the standard test I give all my bikes. The 10 or so km commute to work and back.

folding bike
Folding bike on the commute (with full pannier)

folding bike
Taking in the view of traffic from the shady median strip

Well she passed with flying colours! The gearing is great. It's incredibly comfortable and it cruises along like a dream. I don't care what I look like riding it this bike is really nice to ride! The rack on the back fits my panniers so I can carry as much load as I would on my other road bikes (Except the Xtracycle... It is in a league of it's own!)

To top it all off I actually managed to get my wife to ride it to the pool yesterday (Only a couple of km) and she fell in love with it instantly! The folding bike is a winner! And I have some ideas of how it can be used in conjunction with the Xtracycle... Stay tuned for the new Airport Transfers vehicle!


Sydney Body Art Ride said...

Not another one! You're out of control! Where are you going to store them all?

David J said... It's OK. Really!
I don't keep them all. Once I get a new one I try to release at least one of the old ones into the wild...
Well actually they're not really released I give (sometimes sell) them to people who will ride them!
I have two other ladies bikes that I have convinced a colleague she and her daughter can have for free... So long as she joins our local bicycle advocacy group and tries to ride to work at least once. The bikes are all used to deliver social change in my neighborhood. That is my justification for indulging in my little fetish. It works too.
The other conditions of a gift bike are that they be ridden! If they are not ridden I ask people to pass them on to another person who will ride them. I wish I could keep track of where they all are now.

Laura said...

Your bike is actually not Italian, its Asian. Aleoca is based in Singapore and their factory is in China. Nice bike nonetheless.

David J said...

Hey thanks for that Laura.
You're right! In my haste I took the Italian colours on the logo and stickers like "The Italian Concept" as evidence that the bike was made in Italy... Whooops! I was way wrong.
Thanks for the links. It even had words like 'Aleomakimo' written on it. I don't actually know what that means but I figured it as proof of the Italianess of the bike.
Don't worry hardly anyone ever reads this blog so we'll just say no more about it shall we?

Judy said...

Hey, I read your blog.

And I am very jealous. We want to buy folding bikes for the boat if we have any money left when we launch. So maybe I'll make you an offer when the time comes. ;)

Treadly and Me said...

Yep, that looks a lot like the Dahon that I've recently acquired. And I'm likewise smitten with it.

Anonymous said...

sorry, just to ask, how long does it take to fold and unfold?

David J said...

Hi Anon,
No it doesn't take long at all. The most troublesome part is the seat post. It gets a bit sticky and won't move up or down very easily. However if the pole is kept clean and a little graphite or grease applied I am sure that will improve it. Also if the latches are kept in good order and lubricated they can snap together or apart very quickly.

It can come together in about 30 seconds.

Anonymous said...

hi david, im from the philippines i bought an Aleoca Pighevole model this month it was love at first sight but i was depressed when i was searching for a review, lots of people saying bad about the brand. thanks to your blog, somehow it erased the bad reputation of Aleoca in my mind.

David J said...

Hi Anonymous from the Philippines,
The only fault I can find with this bicycle is that the steering mechanism doesn't feel very strong when under pressure, like when you go up a hill. Fortunately where I live there are no hills and the sitting position of the bike is quite relaxed so there's no need to put weight on the handle bars. My bike is getting quite old now and it is becoming difficult to fold down but I'm sure that can be fixed with a bit of lubricant.
I particularly like that the handle bars aren't too far forward.