Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Body Art Ride - Sydney - 2009

It looks like the die (or is that dye?)has been cast for a human rainbow on wheels!
The Sydney Body Art project is up and running. The event is planned for 15th February 2009.

Hundreds maybe thousands of people will join together for a group ride through Sydney. Their skin coloured and all painted up for the special ride.

This ride is a celebration of life, care for each other and concern for the planet. It is an expression of the individual's freedom to be but is also an act of a community united. This is a way for people to come together in an exuberant and uninhibited display of colour, joy and compassion.

Funds raised from the ride are donated toward Child Cancer Research
Check out The Sydney Body Art Ride

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Sydney Body Art Ride said...

Hi David,
Thanks so much for the post. You should come! It'd be great to meet you. The media would love to do a story on the team from Darwin...