Sunday, November 09, 2008


I think it was back in about 2001 when I was read that Nina Simone was still performing and was about to do some concerts in Paris... I was seriously considering withdrawing my savings and flying myself and my wife over to see her. Her music had moved us so much!

Then in April 2003 we heard that she had died and we were both so sad that she had passed and before we could see her in person. If you've listened to her music you would know how deeply she can affect her audience.

Nina spoke openly against inequality and oppression in the United States.
I wish Nina Simone had lived to see the day... that an African American would become the President.
I wonder what she would say to Barack Obama.

Backlash Blues Nina Simone

Here comes the sun.


Groover said...

Nice post, David. Love Nina Simone, too, and haven't listened to her music in a long time. Thanks for posting the YouTube video.

Cookiemouse said...

Nina is the best! Her music will live for ever.

David J said...

She was like a Queen. "The high priestess of soul!"

Paul Turley said...

Her music always calms me down. thanks for the post