Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Seven Facts (apparently it's a meme)

There's these things that people write about themselves on blogs and myfacespacebooky things and they write some trivial facts about themselves and they get their friends to do the same and I'm not sure why but it's called meme.

Anyway I've been 'tagged' to do one by The Tropical Vegan and I couldn't resist the desire to talk about myself and so here I go.

Seven facts
about me that will probably confirm your suspicion that I am not very cool actually.
  1. I don't actually know what a meme is (or why I'm actually doing this)
  2. My first attempt to entertain a new friend at home was a disaster! I think I was in about grade 4 primary school. He was a really funny guy and he was always cracking gags. Everything was going fine until he cracked a funny as I was trying to drink a glass of lemonade. I started laughing and snorting while attempting to swallow and ended up snorting half a glass out of my nose! I tried to make him stop being funny but everything he did just cracked me up and eventually resulted in me snorting the remainder of my drink out of my nose. My eyeballs bulged and were full of tears, my nose felt like I’d been sniffing borax and a some of the drink even found it’s way past my oesophagus and into my lungs! I was heaving and roaring with rage but still couldn’t stop laughing! I kicked him out and told him to go home! But I was still laughing so hard that I nearly choked which made me even madder! I can still remember him wandering back down the street I don’t think he remembered how to get home… Oh SHIT! I hope he made it.
  3. My subsequent attempts at friendship have been equally successful
  4. I didn’t learn to ride a 2-wheeler bike until I was about nine or ten years old, apparently it was hard for my Mum and Dad to find training wheels to fit the bike I learned on.
  5. My year 10 Social Studies teacher told me I would be unemployable (He wasn’t to know that Australia would go through a period of record employment and would become a place where even students with the least potential would be able to find a job).
  6. I occasionally have these dreams where I can swim underwater for extended periods by very shallowly breathing the air that is trapped in my nostrils… (It’s true! It’s kind of like a flying dream… I know I can’t actually do it)
  7. Twice on the way to work this week I stopped and had conversations with complete strangers. (actually this is a pretty cool thing to do. I recommend this.)

I think I'm supposed to tag someone to do the same thing now but I'm going to bed coz like I said in my meme, I've been light on friends since that incident in grade four.

Thanks though Theresa it was pretty cool to do and brought back some fun memories.
... Actually I come to think of it I do know someone who I can Tag... Lucy Rogue of Terrible Beautiful, she's into these things... Hey maybe I should ask her what a meme is.


Theresa said...

Thanks for indulging my sticky-beaking, David :)

I'm glad I wasn't just drinking anything, because I may have had liquid come out my nose as I read your second fact!

David J said...

Joe of The Gospel Of Joe

Answered my question about meme's with the following statement.

"Hey David. From what I understand, a "meme" is the cultural equivalent of a "gene", that is, an element of a culture or a way of behaving that spreads from one individual to another, usually by imitation.

It's use in blog posts like this is a reference to the way it spreads from one blogger to another, eventually entering popular usage.

An non-internet equivalent of a meme would be "high-fiving", for example. Although that particular gesture has long been considered an ordinary component of social interaction, it's genesis and growth would have been "memetic" (compare "genetic") in nature.

Having now fully exposed my inner-nerd, I will retreat to my lair, where I will partake in science-fiction and imaginary video games."

Cookiemouse said...

Makes you wonder what they actually meme!

Groover said...

You are funnier and more interesting than you think. :-)