Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Courage to Change

I can't help wondering with all this talk of the future, what do young people have to say? Well several years ago at a UN Earth Summit in Brazil Severn Suzuki had something to say and it must have stopped the show and left the next speaker feeling somewhat inadequate.

Severn Suzuki UN Earth Summit 1992

This is a powerful speech, about the most powerful I have ever heard... We will hear a lot of speeches in the coming weeks, many will be Rhetorical but non committal, some will be no more than lies, others will be similar pleas for sense and compassion to prevail. Will we be inspired by what our own leaders say? If we hear words as meaningful and powerful as these will we take them? Will we act on them or will we let them fall to the ground wasted and lost?


Cookiemouse said...

The Climategate hacked email scandal has at least exposed the lengths to which climate deniers are prepared to go in the furthurance of their aims. The Severn Suzuki speech is one of the most inspiring ever on this topic.

David J said...

Yeh it's so weird that a bit of ridiculous mud slinging can cause so much disruption! It's like people are unable to weigh up the value of information they are given. As though gossip and innuendo are considered equally valuable as scientific explanation, and simple rational observation... Bizarre! It's like we don't want to believe the truth so we grasp with desperation to any stories that contradict what we surely know to be true, no matter what the source or motivation for telling us.
"Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies"

Yes Severn Suzuki's speech speaks for itself!