Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chicory and history


Hi Ho!
Yeh so the climate talks showed us that it will take more than a bunch of world leaders talking to change the world. I'm sure deep down we all knew that! Yes I know my travel has also contributed to the problem and I am working on a long term plan to reduce this, however, since I am traveling I am committed to enjoying that great privilege while it I have access to it and to cherish the opportunity to share it with my family.

We all recently made a trip to a quiet coastal town not too far from Melbourne. What a great way to unwind! What a find! Of course the place we visited had been discovered and already the small weatherboard holiday houses were being gradually replaced by gigantic edifices of concrete and glass for the urban rich, however the place remained quiet and pleasant. I saw no grafiti whatsoever and we managed to walk a full 1.5km along the main street without encountering a car!


Hedge Maze

We visited a Hedge maze and discovered they had a meditative labyrinth which was another great way to unwind.

A short trip on a local ferry brought us to anothe beautiful and secluded part of the world that I could easily become acustomed to living in!
A visit to an old Chicory farm on a quiet rural Island and some wonderful encounters made this a favorite trip for all of us! We sampled some Chicory and ate scones... Yum!

The secret of happiness

Rural life

Scones and jam French Island

Flying Duck Orchid

Freedom for the spirit away from the rock and roll! Away from the agro and fumes in the full breeze of the southern ocean, home to the penguines and seals! No towns no haste. The gusty winds blow...


Oh I really liked it in that place. What better way to spend Christmas. Simply, quetly, in the fresh air with family.



Cookiemouse said...

Fantastic set of pictures!

ian said...

All the best to you and yours David... trust ya had/are having a great and relaxing break!