Thursday, January 07, 2010

A few moments around coastal Victoria

Although nearly a week has passed since we returned from ‘Down South’ I’ve got a bunch of pictures and memories I need to store so I thought I’d continue to share a bit of the story here.

We had some fantastic walks exploring the bush reserves and beaches around Western Port Bay but after just 2 great days it was time to return to Melbourne and Geelong to spend Christmas with Family.

On Boxing Day there was a special day with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends! Of course we'd booked more than a month in advance so as not to miss out. My kids love Thomas and I think the romance of Steam Engines has rubbed off on us quasi adults too! I forgot to mention that just two hours after arriving in Melbourne we went to a miniature railway where we rode on small scale trains for the afternoon.

Miniature railway Eltham Victoria
(Eltham Miniature Railway)

Thomas and Friends
(Salty, Thomas and one of the Big green trains at Queensclif)

train @ Bellarine railway
(Green loco Queenscliff)

Thomas the Tank Engine
(Thomas The Tank Engine)
Just a couple of nights in Geelong and we were headed off down to the Otway ranges to stay in a cottage at a place called Barwon Downs. It was fantastic! So many native birds! While most of Victoria is still recovering from drought, the Otways remain lush and wet and full of life! It was so beautiful there amongst the eucalypts and the smells were out of this world! There's something special about the scent of wet eucalypts! Even the grass gave off a wonderful perfume!

Blue winged parot
(Blue-winged Parot aka Grass Parot, Barwon Downs)

Tiger snake
(Tiger Snake, Barwon Downs)

We had a ball there, just hanging out with the trees and the birds and horses, a chook and a few cows oh and on the last day... A LARGE TIGER SNAKE! There are some great bicycle tracks through the Otways including a mountain bike track that is apparently one of the worlds best!

Otway Fly
(Otway Fly)

Otway Fly
(Otway Fly)

Next time I hope we can cycle the Beechy Rail Trail.

After leaving Barwon Downs we headed back to Geelong and visited the National Wool Museum on our last day before coming back to Darwin. I really enjoyed the museum particularly the weaving looms and the old Factory workers cottage.

weavers house
(Weaver's cottage, National Wool Museum)

(Small weaving loom, National Wool Museum)

We experienced so many great things on this trip but right now I'm too tired to post about all that! Especially since our computer blew up while we were away and I am having a hell of a time downloading photos or even typing on an under powered make-do laptop that's running VISTA and keeps Blaaaagh!


Cookiemouse said...

Aw, those choo-choo trains are simply awesome!

Theresa said...

My nephews love Thomas as well and go to a Day Out with Thomas and friends every summer in the US. Great animal photos -- sounds like a great trip!