Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tool of the week

I know I already posted this morning but I'm a bit high on caffeine and that poison shit they put in soft drink to replace sugar...

OK so here we go again... No I don't write reviews on tools generally... But I had some fun with this one today and thought I'd post a picture of it. (I'll try to make this quick because I'm really tired!)

post hole digger
(Introducing The Post Hole Digger 9/10)
It's a 'Post Hole Digger', I got a bit carried away with this thing this morning. I've never used one before and I imagined it would be really hard work to try and gouge out earth by cutting it in a circular motion... I was wrong!
I thought the ground I used it on would be pretty hard, it generally is, but we've had a fair bit of rain lately. Once I got through the grass and the organic layer the thing just wanted to carve it's way straight through to China! (Or maybe Great Brittan or wherever is directly opposite us on the globe) It was awesome!

The holes are for some trees we'll be planting at the Mulch Pit. (The Mulch Pit is a kind of community garden I sometimes help out at, I can't recall if I've posted about it before, you can check the links if you're interested Here )

Mangos at the Pit
(Mangos, late in the season)

Grass hopper
Although production is not really high, it's still nice to wander around and see what's living in the garden.

The Pit started about a year or so ago when a bunch of people from a Church in Nightcliff decided they'd like to convert a barren piece of rock and dirt into a garden that can be utilized by the community. Most of us are novices at the gardening business and we're all kind of learning as we go. I don't do much gardening there because I usually have my hands full with other things but I try to help out when I can... Especially when there's something fun to play with.

I was asked to dig the holes about a foot deep but couldn't help digging at least two feet deep in some of the holes! I wish I'd taken some photos of the holes I'd dug... You'd probably find steam rising from the earth's core!

- Tool rating for manual orbital post hole digger: 9 out of 10.

It would have been 10 but I got a small blister in webbing of my thumb. I don't like blisters.

(Making furniture)

(Garden seat... complete)

At the Pit this morning Russel made some awesome garden chairs out of scrap wood,

We discovered that one of the chickens is actually a rooster!

A rooster


Elisa M said...

Community Gardens are one of the most beautiful things that can be done in a community.
Hurrah to you!

David J said...

Yeh... That's so true. This particular garden is trying to transform a a completely barren piece of dirt and solidified clay into a life giving oasis, and it's working.

There are all kinds of insects arriving and we now even have a very healthy looking Blue-tongued lizard!