Thursday, September 08, 2011

Week of thoughts

"I've been contemplating...."
"You know... like thinking only... more deeply, possibly less strenuously but kind of making enough space in me for the bigger ideas to get in"
"Oh......"  "You always were full of shit!"

OK don't ask what I've been contemplating, It doesn't matter. I think I'll write on my blog. Some of the ideas we've talked about like the Myth of Retirement or Needs vs Wants and why it seems so hard for people to tell the difference. Not that there's anything wrong with wanting but it can tend to lead to necessary excesses of what you Don't Need or in the end even want...

Maybe I'll just write some of the simple lines of thought we've been playing with and leave it at that. The conversations have entertained me enormously lately.

Like when we were discussing insatiable desire for more.... and how even so called spiritual leaders seem to require all the very best of modern comforts and consumables... and you said we don't 'NEED' Money!

We live our days in the Mary Poppins school of thought when it comes to having lots of cash.... We are occupied usefully and we get enough to do the things we like and as Mary Poppins said "Enough is as good as a feast..."
Hey and didn't Sheryl Crow sing "It's not have'n what you want, it's Wanting what you have..." Or something like that?
And right now we do. Hey that's right... we do.

2 comments: said...

or Regina Spektor's "You take the things you like, and try to love the things you took"?

I want to thank you for the really, really amazing comment on my post a few days ago. I have been procrastinating a reply, because I felt I owed you a long-winded and cerebral response. But a short and sincere thanks would, I suspect, be better than no response at all...can't seem to gather my thoughts these days.

You're all right, David. More Funk, definitely, and then just let it happen! Thank you.:)

David J said...

Cheers. I don't manage to write or say much that is amazing, I don't recall having done that. But Isn't there some amazing stuff out there!

Yep... more funk and thanks for introducing me to Regina Spector. That's a completely new sound for me.