Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I don't read your blog... any more

Keepings up…
Since the bicycle accident my life has undergone a significant downscale… Besides not being allowed to drive or ride a bike, my concentration and energy levels have dropped too. 
Even though my enthusiasm for the cyber existence had been waning prior to the accident, a couple of fractured fingers has made it very difficult to type and my back doesn't like the idea of sitting at a computer for hours so I've pretty much given up reading blogs… The fact that flickr has drastically changed it's format hasn't helped either!
It's old news that Google reader would cease to exist after July 1st but by the time July came I’d completely forgotten that it was scheduled to be shut down! How ironic that I should look for it today July 16th and discover that I could have migrated my subscribed blogs to another RSS feeder up until 12pm yesterday!

I guess that’s one way to cure me of my voyeuristic romanticizing of the world through the eyes of others…  Maybe now I can just get on with my own life instead of coveting the fascinating lives I’d subscribed to over the years!
I must have been subscribed to a couple of hundred individual blogs, Possibly a quarter of them had ceased publishing since I started reading but there were some that were exceptional and which I would have liked to have continued to read. Of those I can only recall the titles of a handful…

To all the skilled, gifted, green fingered, mechanically minded, artistically driven or just plain cooky  bloggers, writers, artists I’ve followed over the past several years thanks for the inspiration… Maybe I’ll stumble across your blogs by accident again someday but chances are… I won’t.

Since I do remember some of the titles of blogs I used to subscribe to via my old reader, I thought I'd post them here so I can find them again... You might like to check some of these out there's some serious artistic talent and happy cycling/sailing tales to read here.

The Smallest Forest

The Homeless Guy

Up in Alaska (Oops now it’s called Jill Outside)

Free Advice on How to Fix Bikes

What I did on Friday

 Outrigger Sailing Canoes

Green Commotion

Art of Kris Larsen (He says he’s through with this blog but… you never know)

 After several years of skipping around the internet I think the luster has finally worn off. I don't get online social networking at all, I don't like having the free stuff I use fiddled and tampered with... (OK I'm seriously resistant to change... Big F---ing Deal) 
I'm ready now not to be aware of every nuance of change affecting the socially aware universe of hipsters and cool Steele... So much phony baloney! I've had a gut full of the coolest happenings, flashmobs, community inclusion, ukelele playing, moustachioed fishermen's pant wearers, nude cyclist, AK47 machete wielding survivalists, gender neutral, Organic Perma-anticultural-subcultural super networks, bean eating jet-setters chasing celebrity love harmony and Government grants for feeding the downtrodden and underprivileged children... (so long as it looks good) 
Name droppers... Oxygen thieves... But wait... 

"You think that's air you're breathing now?"
(Morpeus (Laurence Fishburne) The Matrix 1999)


goatsfoot said...

Oh man, so sorry to hear you're off your bike for a while :( I know that trail, it's bumpy.

Damn, there was a time limit on migrating Google Reader? Oh well.

David J said...

Hey thanks... actually I had the wires removed from my wrist on Wednesday and the Dr said my back is pretty good, so I should be able to start riding again.
Thank whatever deity is responsible for that good fortune... It was driving me crazy.

Oh well nothing in the googleverse remains still for long...

Chandra said...

Can't wait to hear about your cycling trip; or, see a new painting on your blog.

Peace :)