Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nuclear waste.... dump on Muckaty

Meanwhile back in Darwin the gang were getting down at the Music for Muckety protest rally. Here's a couple of the banners Sam whipped up.

muckaty post

Muckaty poster

Here's a little Japanese Reggae from Rankin Taxi to help you ponder life in a nuclear waste dump....

...meanwhile the stinging irony bites me in the ass as I consider how many x-rays and radiology scans I've had in the past three weeks! 


Chandra said...

Glad to see you are recovering.
Soon, you will be cycling.
I loved the music video.
Peace :)

David J said...

Thanks Chandra,
Actually I left my bike (one of my bikes)at the airport but couldn't ride it home. If it's still there it will have been there for about a month! Good test for long term free parking. ;)