Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bikeless in Melbourne

Tomorrow I will attempt to leave Melbourne... (I've been told it may be difficult without medical clearance to fly... but I'm hoping I won't be asked.)

Although my mobility has been fairly restricted I have actually enjoyed walking. Today I visited some Darwin Friends who live down here half the time. They live in Montmorency, not far from the Plenty river... I was offered a ride home but passed it up preferring to walk back along the river.

Here's a few snap shots from my walk... Along the way I passed two footy matches which might have made my photo journal more interesting... but I don't care much about football so all I've got to show is green trees and brown river shots.

Plent River in flow
River frontage
These days Plenty River is often dry... but when it flows the old charm returns

Old Greensborough pool
This section of the river, once the public swimming pool is not so attractive as it was

2013-06-15 15.45.43
Swing bridge to Partington Flat. Football game in progress
Bless this River... She has been abused and neglected but she still carries life.


Kate Fern said...

It's good to see you're back on your feet. Nice photos of southern big trees!! best wishes

David J said...

Thanks Kate. Oh I walked amongst some truly beautiful Big trees while I was down there. I miss the big trees a lot!