Monday, November 03, 2014

A mountain of Hope

Watching, 'Into The Wild' this morning which features a real life character from Slab City in the Colorado desert, California, his name is Leonard Knight. Leonard passed away in February this year but what a message he has!


Chandra said...

Hi David,
Into the Wild was an interesting movie.
I thought some parts were pretty good.
Have you watched, "When the Iron Bird Flies?".
While not directly related to your post or to 'Into the Wild', you may like this one.

Take care.

Peace :)

PS. Is that Weird Al in the photo?

David J said...

Hi Chandra, Re: Iron Birds, Nope. But it's on my list now!
Re: Weird All. Nope again. The guy is a character from the film Napoleon Dynamite. It's Napoleon's brother Kip. I am mesmerized by the characters in this film (and the corny 80s music). If you haven't seen it Kip is a complete Nerdy dorky loosery, 30 something who still lives with his grandmother. He breaks out when he hooks up with his online girlfriend from Detroit, LaFawnduh.

David J said...

Erratum: Well actually the music wasn’t strictly 80s but there were some awesome 80s songs in there and the film definitely had a growing up in the 1980s feel to it.